Party Wall Surveyance Services Bristol

Serving Party Wall notices Bristol. image of coloured houses

Serving Party Wall notices

Norton Surveyors will:

  • Review and appraise the proposed work
  • Identify aspects applicable to the Party Wall Act
  • Identify the Adjoining Building Owners to serve notice upon
  • Serve valid Party Wall Notice(s) to all Adjoining Building Owners
  • Confirm the works can proceed lawfully under the Act
Prepare a schedule of condition. image of coloured houses

Prepare a schedule of condition

It is important step and strongly advised, but there is no obligation under the Party Wall Act, to undertake a condition survey.

The purpose of a schedule of condition is to protect owners and neighbours from a protracted dispute over responsibility should any damage be suggested or observed.

We find that this is the most useful tool on all our appointments and seldom take instruction if a schedule of condition is not procured.

Appointment as the Building Owners Surveyor. image of coloured houses

Appointment as the Building Owners Surveyor

If you neighbour “dissents” to the work set out in the party wall notice, a party wall surveyor will need to be appointed for both neighbours.

Norton Surveyors will perform this role and would draft an award with the fellow surveyor, allowing your project to get underway whilst maintaining neighbourly relations.

Appointment as the Adjoining Owners Surveyor

Appointment as the Adjoining Owners Surveyor

When a Party Wall Notice has been served from your neighbour and you would like to protect your property from potential damage and unnecessary disruption, Norton Surveyors will review the served notice, the description of the notifiable works within the notice, that the methodology and physical works will be undertaken in a professionally specified manner, mitigating risk to your property.

As part of this role, we will review the Party Wall Award put forward by the Building Owners Surveyor and agree any additions or amendments to mitigate risk and disruption to your property and daily life.