Why have I been served notice?

When a Party Wall Notice is served on your property it confirms your neighbour (or adjoining owner) intends to carry out works that are defined in the Party Wall Act. The proposed work must be stated on the notice, typically consisting of one or more of the following common actions that instigate administration of the Party Wall Act;

​​1.  Works to a party wall, including cutting into the party wall for steel joists for a loft conversion, cutting in lead flashing to make the junction between 2 properties watertight, installing a damp-proof course, and many more.

​​​2.  Excavations on their land within 3 or 6 meters of any part of your building, but only when any part of those excavations is deeper than the lowest part of the foundations of your property. Excavations near to another property have the potential to undermine the stability of that building. 

3.  Construction of a wall on or abutting the line of junction (boundary line). The foundation for the wall may have footings that projects onto your land. This is typical on rear extensions on constrained sites

​​4.  Demolition of a wall on the line of junction. Such as when a shared garden wall needs to be rebuilt.